Efficient engineering and design

Procedure during design and development

FEM Simulation des Pressens einer Plan-Konvex Linse
FEM Simulation
In many cases, Aixtooling is capable of carrying out a process qualification for precision molding based on an existing optic design. The first step in these cases is a close coordination or cooperation with the optic designer. At the same time, it is a good idea to change individual contour elements in the classical lens design in order to improve the moldability of the optic. A change in glass type can also be discussed, if alternative glasses with better molding behavior and similar optical characteristics are available.

After the optical design is determined, the tool design phase starts. In many cases, a finite element simulation (FEM) of the molding task is carried out in parallel with this phase. However, this presumes that there is sufficient data regarding the temperature-dependent material characteristics of the glass types selected. The power of the FEM supports the design process at several points. First, the shrinking behavior of the glass during cooling can be predicted. This permits form deviations in the lens to be taken into consideration in the tool design right from the start. However, the FEM also provides information about mold filling behavior, permitting an optimized design. The simulation of tension evolution within molded lenses highlights critical points and also helps improve the design.

Design development especially includes the design and detailing of the tool systems. The use of multiple tools can significantly increase the productivity per pressing cycle. The construction of multiple tool systems, however, is more complex, requiring sophisticated tolerance management in order to meet the lens specifications of all the individual lenses. The correct choice of material for different tool components also plays a decisive role here, particularly regarding heat expansion behavior.

Compensation for form deviation after molding

Im Rahmen der Prozessqualifizierung für eine neue Linse ist eine schnelle Designentwicklung notwendig. Aixtooling setzt hier auf modulare und standardisierte Werkzeugkonzepte.
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